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Seriously. It seems like half of the female portion of my graduating class (2010) are pregnant and married...or just pregnant. Don't get me wrong. I fully support a woman's right to have and raise a child on her own. I just seriously doubt that many of the girls ('cause that's what they are. Girls.) who are pregnant do not have the maturity and common sense to be able to raise a child.

One of them used to smoke large amounts of pot and use a multitude of other drugs. I seriously doubt that she stopped in the ten months since graduation. And she didn't get pregnant on was on purpose. I not understand.

And it's not just the irresponsible "ex" druggies who are deciding to get married and pregnant at 18/19. It's a lot of the supposedly intelligent and well behaved ones, too. One girl married a guy that she had been dating for about four months, immediately after graduation, and has now popped out a baby ten months later. She's now trying to juggle college and a baby at the same damn time.

What the fuck.

I mean, is it just me, or does that just not make sense?

Why would you ever make the conscious decision to have a child so young in your life? These girls aren't giving themselves the chance to get a full, uninterrupted education. They aren't giving themselves the chance to find out what exists beyond no-one-knows-where-the-fuck-it-is-cause-it's-so-damn-tiny, TN.

Why not go to college or even a trade school first, get a decent education so you can get a decent job to be able to support yourself before you decide to start a family? Why not have that comfort to know that you'll actually be able to support a child if, spaghetti monster in the sky forbid, your husband or boyfriend leaves? Or dies and doesn't have life insurance?

It's really fucking stupid to depend solely someone other than yourself to take care of you and your child. I mean, the estimated divorce rate in America is %50. Fifty fucking percent. Higher for those who marry young.

It's not rocket science, people.

Personally, I don't even know if I want kids. I definitely know that I don't want to get married (if at all) until later in life. Like late thirties, early forties. If I decide that I want kids, and by that time I can't produce my own or whatever, then I'll adopt. There are tons of kids out there who need homes, and I don't really want to contribute to the already high birth rates. This planet is too damn crowded as it is.

I just honestly cannot understand why at least ten of the 150 graduates in my class have decided to just...I don't really know how to say it...I guess I think that they're all trying to grow up way too fast.

I don't know. Maybe I'm being too harsh or whatever, but that's my opinion. I think that they're all being stupid.

When all of these pregnant girls post baby related statuses on Facebook, I have to restrain myself from commenting things like "You reproduced? Seriously? What the hell made you think that was a good idea?"

Ugh. And people wonder why I don't like socializing.
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